What, Wait and Later

I’m sure all parents find their kids adorable and are fascinated by the things they say.  Remember when we were their age, we would just do what our parents asked us to do and no question would be asked.  Today’s kids are so different and they are oh so smart.  They always amazed us by the things they do and the words they say.   In the past, if our parents asked us to go to bed, we would obediently do so.  Today, if you ask your kids to go to bed and they are not willing to, you would most likely be engaged in a “words battle”.  Sound all so familiar, right?

My “battle” is not just with my 9 years old son but also my 2½ years old girl.   I realized that the 3 words that she commonly used nowadays are “What”, “Wait” and “Later”. 

 If I am talking to her elder brother or her daddy, she would poke her cutie face in front of me and asked “what”?  When I asked her something she didn’t understand and pretend not to understand, she would also say “what”? This time, with a blur look on her face.

When I asked her to do something which she doesn’t want to, her standard answer is “wait, later.”  Shower time when she was watching tv is a “wait, later.”, sleeping time when she was playing with her brother is also a “wait, later.”   

Guess what would immediately catch her attention and her answer would be “yes”?  The answer? “Do you want ice cream.” ;-p

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