Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert

Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert was a series of mathematics books I had bought on impulse 9 years ago when my genzkid was 5 years old.

I was approached by a sales representative at the road show who started telling me how good this series was.

As a first time mom then, I just wanted to get the best for my then 5 years old genzkid and persuaded by her on the great advantages my genzkid would gain (e.g. how he would grasp maths skills at a young age after using the series, how mother would always want the best for their kids and how my genzkid would thank me for doing what’s the best for him when he grew up) if I had this series of mathematics books complete with accessories, and not forgetting that she promised that she will make a trip to my house to teach my genzkid how to use the books and the accessories, I ended up paying near $1k for
Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert.

I waited for days and the sales rep never called for arrangement to my house which she promised she would. I called the company and request for a demo, I was told no such service was provided. I tried to use the set with my genzkid then but he was not keen so I gave up. “Never mind, I can keep this for my 2nd child.” I tried to comfort myself. And yes, I had my 2nd genzkid and today she is 7 years old and sadly, my Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert series are still as good as new save for the accessories which my 2nd genzkid played with.

You may ask, it was so many years ago and you remembered the incident so clearly? Yes I did because I totally regretted my action – acting on impulse and buy something which if I had thought twice, I would not have buy.

Today, do I still buy things on impulse? Unfortunately I still do occasionally especially if the stuff are for my kids but I think I have improved. At least I am deferring my desire to purchase the Osim massage chair and an chinese educational device which sales rep claimed my 2nd genzkid would pass her chinese with flying colors …..

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  1. wow, was just browsing through blogs when I stumbled upon urs. Not gonna lie, I clicked cause I thought it was funny that 2 adults would actually blog together. Great post, you basically described my mom when I was around 8 years old lol, I have a blog too, would love for an adult to just give comments and browse through. Check it out maybe?

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