The Singapore Kid by Jessica Alejandro

The story started off with an “uninvited guest” trying to steal from The Tay’s Home – a HDB flat in Sengkang.  Thereafter, the story suddenly changed …. with no connection to the first chapter, moved to introduce the characters of the story. Inn Kiat, the main character of the story, is a 11-year-old boy growing up in affluent Singapore.

Like most primary school children, he faces the pressure from school, Tution, expectation from parents to do well. The story gives an insight story of how a kid “grows” from a child to a pre-teenager.  The story also touches on the “jealousy” of child from an average income family when he is with his rich friend, sibling rivalry, friendship and honesty.  

It talks about the disappointment of his parents when they learnt about what Inn Kiat has done, the wise wisdom of the old grandma, the bravery of admitting ones mistake and taking responsibility and the act of “forgive and forget” of a good friend.

I was nearly in tears when I read how disappointed his parents were when they learnt what Inn Kiat has done (I can relate this well because I have a 11-year-old boy myself). I was moved when I read how the old grandma tried to use that incident to teach her grandson the value of honesty. I was amused when I read how Inn Kiat drew out his damage control list and lastly with all smiles when his best friend forgave what he had done.

Personally, I think this book is a good read though there is a bit of Singlish.  My genz kid gives it a 4 out of 5.  For children, this book instils the importance of honesty.  For parents, it allows you to understand your preteens better.    

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  1. Yes, there’s no Sunshine Primary School in Sengkang.. The author may not want to use real name for the school… but then.. i think there’s only 1 primary school in Sengkang that start with little “S” yay ?

  2. I also live in Sengkang but there is no sunshine primary school in sengkang

  3. I am a resident of Sengkang. The author says there is a Sunshine Primary School but in real life, there is not!

  4. May i know what did the parent gave to Inn Kiat’s sister during the ending of the story? Is it a pet? Will there be a second book for this because its really nice!

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