The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree a simple yet meaningful story. The tree unconditionally showered its love to the “little boy” who then became a man but still a “little boy” in its eyes. When the boy was young, he simply enjoyed the company of the tree. As time passed by, the little boy grew up and the tree aged. The “little boy”started making demands to the tree, who in turn fulfilled all his demands without hesitation – the apples, the branches, and the trunks. At the end of the story, the little boy (now a old man) was tired and only wants a quiet place to rest … The selfless tree left with its stump readily obliged. The tree was happy. Doesn’t this reflective of the unconditional love parents have for their children? Parents’ love for their children is perpetual no matter how old they are. These children might be the parents of their own kids, but in the parents’ eyes, they are still “their little kids”. Parents provide for their children unconditionally, not asking for any return. Yes, that’s how parents love their children. However, parents….. we may need to pause and think, is this “no boundary” love the right way of expressing our love for our children. In the story, the little boy never appreciated what the tree had done for him. He took the tree for granted and show no empathy and gratitude for what the tree had done and sacrificed for him. While we love our children, wouldn’t it be wrong for us to just shower them with love But isn’t right for us to just shower them with love, without teaching them what they need to know ? Aren’t we doing them harm if we as parents overly protect our children – when they make mistakes, we cover for them; when they face with difficulties in life, we clear the hurdens for them; when they face a problem, we readily solve it for them? Is this type of unconditional love right? Shouldn’t we as parents teach them what they need to learn in life while showering them with our love at the same time. Gratitude, empathy, respect, integrity, honesty, perseverance are some of the values we as parents should teach the kids … This is the way, I feel, as parents should do to show their unconditional love for their children. For we love you, we want to teach you well so you can stand up straight and be proud of yourself and live your life with no regrets.

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