Thanks to Genzkid, I love CN Blue….


I get to know CN Blue because of Jung Yong Hwa.  He was Kang Shin Woo in a popular K idol-drama then – You’re Beautiful.    I was mesmerized by his cool yet caring character in the drama.  That’s when I found out he is the leader, the main guitarist  and vocalist of boy band CN Blue.  Okay, I wasn’t a k fan then so this is it until one day, my genzkid asked me if I know CN Blue and I said ya. He continued if I know the song “I am a loner”.    Trying to be “in” and have a common topic with him, I started googling news on CN Blue.   That’s when I started my new love …. CN Blue – and all thanks to my genzkid.

What do I have to say about these boys …. Well, I think they are hardworking, energetic,  humble, fun loving and of course … cute and handsome !  It is a joy watching them.   They never failed to have fun when they are together.  They never failed to shown their support for their other members when either of them appeared in dramas.

Have you watched Heartstrings ? That’s when I realized that Kang Min Hyuk, the drummer, is not only good at his drums…  oh boy, he can sing too!  You should listen to his “Star”.    Btw, he is my genzkid’s bias because of the way he plays his drum …COOL is the word he used to describe Min Hyuk.

Okie, Yong Hwa never disappoints me in Heartstrings…  Not so much the acting (though i must admit i love watching him on screen) but more his songs … If you love Yong Hwa, you should read Klaritia’s blog.  I read her blog by chance and yes, I am certain she  is a huge fan of Yong Hwa. (

Lee Jung Shin is the rapper and bassist.  I noticed him because he is the tallest in the group.  He is also the shyest in my opinion.  I like to see his cute shy smile.    He is currently in drama series – My Daughter Seo Young.  Watch the drama if you like his cuteness.

Lastly, my bias –  Lee Jong Hyun, the lead guitarist and vocalist.  Between Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun, I prefer Jong Hyun’s voice (sorry Klaritia).   It is so deep and soothing.  Oh..  did I mention that I love his dimples and when he smiles, his eyes brighten up instantly .  Catch him on A Gentleman’s Dignity and his solo – My Love is really good.  Go to you tube and listen to his version of I’m Yours (Jason Marz)  – thumbs up!

And thanks to my genzkid, I am more a CN Blue fan than he is now….

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