Teaching Family Values

The best way to show your children about family value is not by saying but by walking the talk. This is exactly what I’m doing – by action and showing my children how I take care of my aged parents.

My 10 years old genz kid is very much aware that I am very close to my parents and I am proud to say that my brother (his jiu jiu) and I take good care of them . He knew that during my younger days, my dad (his gong gong) was the sole breadwinner and had to work very hard to earn a living while my mom (his por por) took care of us. Life was not easy and we hardly have new toys (least to mention the expensive ones). I remembered my neighbour used to play with barbie dolls and I wished I had one too but I never dare to ask for one because I knew that if I do, my dad would find some way to get one for me.

Time flies and now, we are working adults and have our own family. My genz kids know that we love and care for their grandparents. My dad had a heart attack and stroke two years ago and since then they had stopped travelling because my dad is not fit to take a plane. My mother loves to travel and recently, after making all the necessary arrangement of getting someone to care for my dad and looking after my nieces, my sister in law (his jiu ma) and I decided to bring my mother for a short shopping trip in mid September. My mother, though, didn’t say a word, is very excited and looking forward to the trip.

By us doing so, I believe we have showed a good example to our kids (including my nieces) how much we have valued family values. We are walking the talk and we hope by setting good examples for the kids, they would take good care of us when we grow old.

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