Suicide and Children

Singapore – I read a piece of sad news yesterday morning.  A 11 years old school boy jumped to his death after his school English oral examination two days ago

A sad piece of news indeed!  What had happened? Why did he jump?  Isn’t there any tell-tale sign before he jumped?  I kept asking myself these questions.  The fact that he jumped immediately after his school English oral exam made me wonder if the pressure he was facing during exam period was just too much for him to handle.  Did we parents put so much pressure on the children nowadays? 

To be honest, I think today, most parents are “kiasu”.  We are “kiasu” not because we want to be “kiasu”.  We are “kiasu” because if we don’t, our children will be lagging behind and will not be able to catch up in this competitive world later.  You tell me, how can they survive 20 years later with no “paper” qualification?    Even today, an adult with no “formal” education is struggling to earn a living.     

Parents, I know how hard it is on us but we do not want things like this to happen to our children, do we?  While we want them to do well in school, we have to be careful not to impose too much stress on them.  It is very important that we pay attention to our children behaviour.  If you notice any sudden change in their behaviour and are disturbed by them – don’t wait, ask for help!  It’s always better to be sure than sorry…..

Here are some hotlines you can call:

  • Fei Yue Counselling Hotline – 1800-565 6626
  • Institute of Mental Health – 6389 2222
  • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) – 1800-221 4444
  • Touchline – 1800-377 2252
  • Tinkle Friend – 1800-274 4788
  • Touch Youth Community – 6377 0122
  • Youth Guidance – 6552 6477
  • Youthline (Youth Challenge) – 1800-336 3434

Website –