Right-Handed Mom And Left-Handed Child

As far as I’m aware, we do not have family history of any left-hander. You can imagine my surprise when Genz Dad and I realized that our then 18 months old girl is a left-hander. We are in a dilemma; shall we “force” her to become a right-hander or let nature take its course? Anyway, the old folks had this saying, “left-handed child is of disadvantage in the right-handed world.” After due consideration, we decided to go for the 2nd option, i.e. let nature takes it course.

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Photo by 1000 watt dream

Since then, I’ve done some reading on left-handed child through internet. I even brought a book by the title of “Your Left Handed Child” by Lauren Milsom.

The book provides a very good insight of a left-handed child in a right-handed world. You will not only find many good picture illustrations that clearly demonstrate the common pitfalls faced by the left-handed children but also suggestions to overcome these problems. If you are a right-handed parent with a left-handed child, I would strongly recommend you to read this book.

A right-handed parent does not mean your child must be right-handed too. It’s not easy, I must say. There are many considerations to be taken into when a right-handed parent deals with her left-handed child.

Some of the experiences I have encountered are:

* There was this incident when I was helping my daughter wearing her shoes. She was standing hands-free when I lifted her left leg while trying to wear her right shoe for her. Then oops, she fell down. I forgot that she is a left-hander and her preference is to wear her right shoe first so she could support herself with her left foot. Fortunately, it was not a nasty fall.

* I used to feel awkward when holding her little left hand with my big right hand when we draw together. I have later learnt that it is more efficient to sit facing her instead of behind her (by the way, it’s also easier for your left-handed child to mirror your action, such as tying shoe lace when you sit facing her).

* As the children in her weekend playground class are mostly right-hander, I need to constantly remind her teacher that she is a left-hander as she has the tendency of holding my girl’s right hand when guiding her to draw or trace.

Still pondering the question whether you should train your left-handed child to a right-handed one? Well, I hope by sharing this with you, it would help you make a better decision.