What is Your Parenting Style?

Have you ever wondered what your parenting style is?  While it is true that the character of a child is usually in-born, different parenting style can result in different outcome of bringing up your child. 

There are 3 broad categories of parenting styles, namely, authoritarian, permissive and democratic. Your parenting style could fall within one of the 3 categories or a mixture of both or a little of everything. 


Because I said so!”  If this phrase sounds too familiar to you, you might be an Authoritarian parent.  Discipline and obey are the key to everything.  You are the captain of the ship and your say is final.  Strict rules are set for your child to follow and there is little room (or even no room) for negotiation.  Children learnt from young that discipline is in form of reward and punishment.  Children with Authoritarian parent tend to have low self-esteem, are submissive but some may rebel to the controlling parents.   


If you are a parent who gives in to everything your children ask for, then you could be a Permissive parent.  A total opposite of an Authoritarian parent, your child is the “king”.  What they say matters most and they usually get what they want. Permissive parent gives their children a lot of freedom with no limitation or with minimum limitation.  As such, children with Permissive parent tend to be aggressive and are usually self-centered.  They tend to throw “tantrums” and are easily “out of control”.


If you are a parent who respects your children decision and there is always “room for negotiation”, you are likely to be a Democratic parent.  Given the right opportunity and circumstances, children of Democratic parent are given choices.  Like adults, when they made their own decision based on the choice they chosen, they take ownership of the decision and hence learn to take responsibility of the outcome of the decision made.  They learn from lessons whether they have made a good decision or bad one.  For example, a child who chooses to watch TV before doing her homework has to bear the consequences of not finishing her homework on time (e.g. punishment from teacher for not finishing her homework).  When children have control over their decision, they have better self-esteem and are more confidence of themselves. 

There is no right or wrong parenting style.  The objective of this article is to encourage you to find out what your parenting style is and consider if it is the right one for you and your child.   Let’s not wait till something happen before we realize that our current parenting style doesn’t work.

For more reading, visit http://www.parentingstyles.co.uk/, http://pediatrics.about.com/od/infantparentingtips/a/04_pntg_styles.htm