Haze rings the registers for some business

The recent haze started our shopping spree… First the surgical masks, then the N95, next the air purifier.

This shopping spree is no fun (trust me). Everything that used to be readily available seems to be running out of stock soon. Much tries, we managed to get the masks… but the real challenge was finding an air purifier.

Air purifier seems to be an essential item in any household. Freaky out, I tried to shop for one last weekend but I left the malls empty handed….. “Due to overwhelming response, all air purifiers are temporary out of stock.”

So yes, we do not have an air purifier at home … Not yet. Just today, my friend showed me a pic of the dirty filter of her air purifier … For only 2 weeks, the filter was filled with dirt !!!! My god, I was shocked !!!! She told me, “see, I told you right… You need an air purifier especially if you have kids at home.”

This weekend, I will be out hunting for a purifier again… Some told me Honeywell is the best, some said Novita while others said Sharp. So what’s your recommendation ???