A letter to my Son….

To My Dear Son,

Please do not feel discourage just because you are not No. 1 or the best amongst the best in class.  Remember Mummy always tell you that the journey of learning is not about being the best but to acquire new knowledge and along the way, the wisdom you have gained would make you a better person. 

My dear son, not being the best amongst the best doesn’t mean that you are not “good” in what you are doing.  It only means that there are others out there who are better than you.  You have to remember that you cannot always “win” the games.  There will be occasions your opponents are just too strong for you and even if you lose, it doesn’t matter as long as you have tried your best.    Learn from your mistake, stand up again, regain your confidence and fight again.  That’s the spirit we should have …. Don’t get disheartened and lost that fighting spirit, don’t concede defeat just because you have lost once.  You once said yourself, life is never a bed of roses, so take heart my son, Mummy would always be there to give you my fullest support.

To Mummy and Daddy, you are already No. 1 and are the best.  You are such a good learner and always hungry for information.  Mummy and Daddy are proud of you !

From,  Mum the Me