Gifted Education Programmes (GEP Programmes)

My 9 year old Genz Kid just took his GEP Selection Test.  In case you are wondering what is GEP Selection Test, it’s the Gifted Education Programme Selection Test by Ministry of Education in Singapore to identify those highly intelligent individuals when they are in Primary 3 so they could nurture these individuals to their fullest potential.

In order to sit for the GEP Selection Test, you need to be first sit for the GEP Screening Test (sometime in August).  About 4000 of those Primary 3 students would be selected to sit for the GEP Selection Test.  Of those 4000, about500 would be selected for the GEP Programmes.  These selected individuals would be given a choice to either continue with their current primary school education in their existing school or join the GEP Programmes in the GEP schools.   The GEP Programmes, from what I understand from friends who have children in the GEP Programmes, are more project and research based.  They do not rely so much on textbooks.                              

The selection is based on 3 papers, namely English, Mathematics and General Ability, spread into 2 days.  Genz Kid was unsettled before the tests; he asked what if he doesn’t know how to answer the questions.  I told him that as long as he has put in his best effort, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t make it to GEP Programmes. 

My friends asked me what preparation works have I done to prepare him for the test.  My answer is none. The revisions we have done so far were for the preparation of his SA2.

What do we expect from his GEP test?  Well, let’s put it this way.  Genz Kid is smart but I would not say he is highly intelligent so we do not have high expectation that he would make it to the GEP Programmes.  So if he makes it, he makes it.  If he doesn’t, life still goes on…. 

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