An IQ Question

Now exam is over and school seems to be in a more “relax” mode, my 9 year old Genz Kid asked me an IQ question today.  

The Question:

Each bottle of soft drink costs $1.  With 3 empty bottles, you can exchange for 1 bottle of soft drinks.  If you have $10, how many bottles of soft drinks can you have?

The answer

…….  15

Exams Over, Fun is In

Hoo….ray… FINALLY, exams are over and play is in for my 9 years old genz kid. 

My 9 years old genz kid told me that he is the happiest human being on earth now. While I’m typing this post, he is happily playing his DS besides me.  Tomorrow he will have fun exploring his new xbox game, Halo 3 ODST, with his daddy.     

I am so delighted to see my genz kid so happy and I’m definitely also relieved myself that the exams are over. In fact, I am so relieved that I decided to give myself a little “treat”– a good karaoke session with my friends that evening.

Oh, did I mention that we will be going to Hong Kong for a short trip during this school holiday?   While my two genz kids are looking forward to their trip to DisneyLand, I am looking forward to haunt down all the “good and nice” eating places in Hong Kong.  I have compiled a list of “where to eat / good food” in Hong Kong that genz dad commended that my main and only purpose of this upcoming trip is to just “EAT” ;-p   If any of you are happen to be going to Hong Kong during this school holiday too and share the same passion in food like me,  I would be more than happy to share with you my list but just a note of disclaimer – the list was compiled based on information provided by my friends who have been to Hong Kong (some many years back) so the places / stalls they’ve mentioned might not be there any more. 

So …. Bye bye exams!  Hong Kong here we come !!!!!