Opening of a Composition (A parent view)

I am writing this article from a parent view and what I’ve learnt from my son’s teachers.

How important is a good opening of a composition?  Well, imagine you go for a movie, the opening is so dull that you nearly fall asleep, would you be keen to finish watching the movie?  What if the opening of the story book immediately caught your attention, would you be interested to finish reading the book as soon as you can?  Do you know why the story books by Geronimo Stilton are so popular amongst school students?  The answer, the opening of the story book is always so catchy and fun to read.  My son can’t wait to complete the book once he starts reading it. 

Here’s an extract of I’m Too Fond of My Fur by G. Stilton:

When my old friend Professor von Squeaker called to ask for help, I agreed immediately – even though it meant trekking halfway around the world to Mouse Everest! The trip was long and dangerous. I almost froze my tail off along the way. And then I was kidnapped by a yeti! Yes, it was truly an extraordinary adventure…

Like a good movie or good book, a good opening of a composition gains the interest of the reader right away.     Here are examples of a few ways you can catch your readers’ attention when writing your opening paragraph (Topic – An Unlucky Day):

Using a question

How would you feel if everything you do goes wrong on the same day? …..

Using Dialogue

“How was your day today, John?” Mom asked.

“It cannot get any worse, Mom!” I exclaimed.

Create a climax

“What’s going on, nothing seems to be going right today!” I uttered to myself as tears keep flowing down my cheeks.

Flashback (extracted from Towards Better Composition Writing Primary 4 by EPH)

Standing at the edge of the drain, I stared at my notes and worksheets floating on the filthy water.  There was no way I could retrieve them.  What was I going to tell my teacher?

The day had started fine.  I woke at my usual time …

Oh yes, besides having a good opening, be sure that the opening paragraph is relevant to the essay you are writing.