To Cane or not to Cane?

I have never once, not even now, use a cane on my 9 years old Genz Kid.  When he misbehaves, I would just have to raise my voice slightly and he would be know it’s “time out” and behave himself.  

However, with my 2½ years old Genz Kid, it’s hard to discipline her and she is always testing my limit.  I tried talking to her nicely, raising my voice, scolding her, using my hand to beat her palm… but none of these seem to work on her.  She is very cheeky and she would inch a little every time to “test the water” and see how far she can go before the limit is reached.

Let me share with you an example, she was jumping down the sofa when I told her to stop.  I told her it was dangerous and she might hurt herself.  She paused, looked at me, smiled, climbed up the sofa and jumped again.  I raised my voice; she paused, looked at me, smiled, climbed up the sofa and jumped again.  I get my cane, and she feels that I’m not serious and did what she have done again … this went on until I caned her once on her leg.  She stopped the act (mind you, she didn’t cry at all) and told me, “Mommy, stop it.  It’s painful!”  I told her I would not have caned her if she had listened to me earlier.   Since she stopped the act, I kept my cane.  Guess her next move, she went to the fridge and asked for “Yakult”.   The best part was when daddy reached home from work; she went to “complain” to her daddy that Mummy caned her because she was naughty!  Nothing can stop her mischief act except for the cane.  Having the sight of it won’t work; she needs to “feel” it before she stops.  

I am not an advocate of using cane but I am really at a loss.  I’m not sure what else I can do to discipline her.  Sigh !!!!