Nurse Me, Nurse Me Not …

You might be surprised that I’m still breastfeeding my 2 years old girl. In fact a lot of people whom heard me saying that were amazed by me and my preservation. The question people ask me is predictable and I guess you are asking me that in your mind now, “When do you intend to stop breastfeeding her?” Anyway, she is already 2 years old and isn’t it time for me to wean her?

To be honest, the more I hear this, the more pressured I was to wean her. We have heard so many wonderful things about breastfeeding your children but it seems like people are not prepared to see you breastfeeding “older” children. How old is old? Most people I spoke with think that mothers should stop breastfeeding their children when they turn 1.

I nurse “on demand” now that my girl is older and is happy with her other source of food. I usually only nurse her before her nap time (if I’m at home) and before she sleeps at night. Occasionally, she still wakes up in the middle of night asking to be nursed. I acknowledged that she might be nursing more for comfort than hunger, but since I’m enjoying it and I’m not complaining, I don’t understand why some people would give me that “you are still breastfeeding your 2 year old girl?” kind of look when they realized that I’m still nursing her. Is there something wrong with that?

Okay, there are some inconveniences. To name a few, there’s limitation of medication you could take when you fall sick; you need to express your milk if you are a working mom (I don’t have this problem now as I’ve stopped expressing in office. I’m only nurse her at home and only at home); if you are a new mom, your schedule works around the time you need to breastfeed your child, you need to get home before you feel engorged. That being said, there are many advantages as well and the best ever I think is breastfed children seem to fall sick less frequently and even if they do, the recovery is faster.

So mommy who are breastfeeding or intend to breastfeed your newborn baby, do some reading and weigh the advantages and disadvantages yourself. Anyway, shouldn’t breastfeeding a natural thing for new mothers????

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