Affirmation: Staying home with my children

I delight in staying home with my children.

My choice to stay at home with my children is something I am proud of. Although draining at times, I am committed to doing the best job I can at raising my children.

My calling as a parent is to nurture my children socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. For me, staying at home is the best way to fulfill that purpose. My life’s devotion is to foster a healthy home for my whole family.

I am grateful for the blessing that I have to spend my days watching my children flourish before my very eyes. I am present in my children’s lives to witness every new accomplishment. I celebrate their triumphs and help them overcome constraints.

Staying home gives me the opportunity to teach my children about life just the way I want to. I am able to pass on family ideologies and spiritual beliefs to secure their identity.

I appreciate my spouse’s support for my choice to stay home. My spouse works hard for me to have the privilege of staying home. While my spouse works hard outside of the home, I work hard at home to teach our children.

I am accountable for the time I have at home. My time is spent on educational activities and outings with the kids. I refrain from wasting time on idleness. The television, computer, and even household chores, fall second to taking care of my children.

Today, I celebrate my ability to stay home. I am free from guilt about not having a full time job outside of the home because staying home with the children is a full time job of its own.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I ever feel guilty about staying home?
2. How can I maximize my time at home with my children?
3. Why do I love staying home with my children?

Experience is making me a better parent

Affirmation To Be A Better Parent

Although I read many books in preparation for becoming a parent, experience is making me a better parent every day. The book of reality is my greatest teacher. I embrace my life lessons with humility.

Every day, I am gaining knowledge from the mistakes I make. Sometimes, things turn out differently than I hoped. I learn from those moments and apply their lessons to my future behavior.

I am humble enough to apologize to my children when I react in a manner that is inappropriate. My children are discovering that, although I am not perfect, I am someone worth imitating.

As the kids get older, I look back with clarity and see areas that I can strengthen. I offer my advice to younger parents who seek it. Sharing my experiences with others saves them from making the same mistakes I made.

Over time, I am becoming slower to anger and quicker to forgive. I have such a powerful inner sense of peace that I am able to overlook offenses, exercising patience with others.

I am learning that time goes by so fast that I must hold on to every moment I can. I live in the moment and enjoy my children just the way they are.

With experience comes the clarity to distinguish those things that are worth dwelling over and those which are best forgotten. Experience increases my ability to take life in stride without allowing anything to steal my joy.

Today, I choose to embrace the lessons that life teaches me and apply them to my future behavior.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What lesson have I learned from my children lately?
2. Am I slow to anger and quick to forgive?
3. How can I turn mistakes into powerful lessons?