Short Review on my Rebook Zquick Running Shoes

My birthday pressie from my hubby was a pair of Rebook Zquick running shoes. The reviews on Rebook Zqucik were generally positive, so eager to find out the performance of my Rebook Zquick, I went for a test run.

I must admit the start of the run was great. Rebook Zquick are light weighted and I seemed to be able to cover extra distance without putting in extra effort. Who doesn’t like it, right ?

However the real test comes after running for near 3 km. I started feeling pain at the bottom of my feet. It’s as if my feet were hitting the ground while I am running. Naturally, I slowed down. At the end of my 5 km run, my feet were sore and they hurt. The soreness continued for the next few days.

The verdict …. I guess I will stick with my Nike Picasus which provide great cushioning for my 5 km run, and keep my Rebook Zquick for walking and 2.4 km run.

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