Setting up a Tution Center

Anyone out there has any experience or knowledge of setting up a tuition center? A few friends of mine are looking into the feasibility of setting up a tuition center. Why? Because it seems like 9 out of 10 children in Singapore have tuition for at least one of the subjects.

As a parent to the z gen kids, I do admit that I send my 12 years old z gen kid for tutions too. It’s after all the critical year for him – it’s PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) and like all parents, I hope my z gen kid can do well enough to get him to a good secondary school too. And mind you…. The tution fees doesn’t come cheap. It is easily $500 a month … But then again, if he does do well in PSLE, it would be money well spend .. Won’t you agree? If I am willing to part my hard earn money to pay for his tutions helping he will do well in his exams, I bet a lot of parents will do the same too. Hence, I think it’s a feasible business. However, having said that, being in an education business is different from other businesses, we are talking about the kids’ future here. I believe that one who is keen in education business should always have the heart to help the kids to do well in school. Of course, it has to be profitable but besides the $ and cents, the most important thing is still the “heart”. Without that, I don’t think one will sustain long in this business.

So if any of you have the relevant experience or knowledge to share, please do leave us a note 😉

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