Learning through Play – Preschooler

Young children learn best through play. My 2 years old girl likes to use her head to hit the ball (like a footballer).  She would first throw the ball in the air, jump up high and use her head to hit the ball.  Seems easy to you?  Well it takes her a few days before she master the skill.

Play allows the children to find their way to the big world in a fun way.

Photo by incurable_hippie
Research has shown that children’s brains develop better when they engage in interactive activities instead of rote learning.

The following scenario might sound familiar to most parents.

Your child invites you to a tea session and asked, “Mommy, would you like to have something to drink? I have milk, coffee, tea, milo, …..”

You replied, “Well, maybe a cup of tea, please.”

“Big cup or small cup, mommy?” she asked again.  “Big one” you replied.

Seem pleased with your answer, she happily starts preparing your BIG cup of tea.  After she was done, she cautioned you to be careful and that your BIG cup of tea was hot before handing you the BIG cup of tea!

Amazing isn’t? Through play, they have learnt that tea (i) can come in BIG cup or SMALL cup; (ii) is hot and you need to be careful when you drink it.  Similarly, when your child is playing with her cooking set, she is given the opportunity to learn the different types of cooking utensils.

Through play, children are given the opportunity to learn and explore their world. They develop their motor skills, creativity, intelligence and interpersonal skills through play.  It is important for children to play, so next time your child invites you to play with them, say yes and go along with their “plot”.  Who knows, you might end up enjoying yourself and learn something through play too!

For more reading, visit http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/talktoyourbaby/play.html

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