Kpops, K songs, K drama – anyone?

Ask me about CN Blue, Super Junior, Lee Min Ho,  … I can have endless chat with you.

Talk to me about k drama – City Hunter, Heartstrings, Secret Garden … I can do a quick recap of the story for you immediately.

Need help which web to visit for the latest kpop news? Ask me – I have a few links in my favourite.

K songs? No problem …. Love Girl, Mr Simple, You Are So Beautiful, JoJo, Gee .. Just to name a few … Need the lyrics? Sure !

Amazing hah… Well, thanks to my 11 year-old Genzkid who is so ” in” to those k dramas, k songs and kpop that I have to keep myself up to-date so I can have common topic with him. Guess what, I am now so into these that I am enjoying myself too. Now, I’m even considering having my own k blog!

But most importantly, I am my Genzkid’s idol cos his mom is so “hip”!

Anyone out there like me to introduce some nice k drama?????

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