Inter-Disciplinary Project Work (“IPW”)

What does it mean when your child told you that he is having IPW week in school instead of his usual class routine?

“IPW” stands for Inter-Disciplinary Project Work and it seems that our primary schools are putting in more effort in promoting inter-disciplinary learning today. IPW allows students to understand a subject or topic in depth not through individual learning but through team work. Through research, discussion and brainstorming, it hopes to allow students to see things from different viewpoints.

According to my son, this is how I think IPW works:

  • Grouping of members followed by appointment of leader by the team members.
  • The team brainstormed on the topic they want to research and write on. 
  • Once the topic is decided, roles are assigned to individuals (e.g. editor, reporter, researcher).
  • The team then works on the timeline & deliverables.
  • Team members start work on their respective areas. • When at home, team members continue to do research (e.g. surfing the web).
  • At next meeting, team members shared with one another on the information and materials they have collated. 
  • Team leader is to check and ensure timelines & deliverables are on track. 
  • Team to submit write up and do presentation on project on D-Day to teacher and class.

Sounds pretty similar to what we have done during our school days right? Yes indeed, just that the children today start to “work” earlier.

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