I Passed My Driving Test!

I passed my driving test few days ago at my first attempt.  The whole test was not smooth sailing, I had a strict tester.  I googled his name when I reached home and  found that he was rather infamous and failed most of his students.  He is named the “No. 1 killer tester”.   His name – Poh Ah Soon.

Anyway, that’s not the purpose of my blog today.  My purpose of today’s blog is to share with you some “exam techniques” that I shared with my son after the test. 

My son was very proud of me and commented that  I’ve never once failed a test.  I told him that I was actually very nervous before the test and asked if he would like to know my “tricks” on how I managed to pass the test.  He eagerly replied with a “yes!” and this is what I shared with him:

  • Be well-prepared for the D day.  Practice makes perfect! 
  • Have a bottle of water with you on the exam day.  Before the exam, sip some water (not too much, else you might have to go to toilet).  This is a trick my lecturer taught us in school.  Thirst+ nervous = lack of oxygen to brain
  • Though it’s common to be nervous before any exam.  It is important to stay calm.  Take a deep breath before the start of exam.  
  • During the exam, if you do not know the answers to some of the questions, don’t panic – move on to the next questions, highlight those questions you have yet attempted and go back to those questions you do not know later (for my driving test, I made some mistakes at the circuit, but I just moved on and not think about the mistakes that I’ve made earlier.)
  • Check your work if you have the time.
  • After the exam, accept whatever outcome it may be as long as you have tried your best.  If you failed or didn’t do well, try again the next time.

Good Luck to all taking exams (whatever type it is)!

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