Home Tutor

I have met quite a number of home tutors but have only come across few whom i would consider as “qualified”. In my dictionary, a “qualified” tutor is not only one who just have paper qualification but one who is passionate and teach with the child’s interest in mind.

Of course, I am not saying that you teach free of charge .. You need to make a living too right? However it should not be a “how much you pay me = how much effort I will put in”. I have seem tutors who just teach top “clock the required hours” and when times up, he will vanish like superman.

I am really keen to start a database of those good “qualified” tutors. If you think you are one of those “qualified” tutors and really like to help the kids to excel, please drop me a note.

Wondering if you are really qualified? Ask yourself this question – if your student is performing badly in school not because he is lazy but because he is a slow learner, what would you do to help him. Touch your heart when you answer this question, and if your answer touches your soul, you may be one of those tutors we are looking for.

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