Graceful Society – Teach by Examples

You were about to get into the lift, the door closed and the people inside just stared at you. It was like they were telling you, “too bad, you are too slow.”. Okay, you waited for the next lift and the lobby was soon crowded with people. The lift finally reached the ground level, zoom… people started rushing in.  The door was about to close before you managed to squeeze in. Phew … You looked around and realized that people were giving you dirty stare. “Why?” You wondered innocently.

The lift reached 4th level and those behind tried to squeeze through you. You gracefully moved aside and looked at the little boy standing in front of you – he didn’t press the “DO” button.  “Maybe he forgot” you thought.  “Would you mind holding on to the “DO” button?” you asked. Blank stare from the little boy, filthy stare from his mother standing next to him.  Most unwilling, the mother stretched out her hand and pressed the button. What’s wrong with my request?

Finally, the lift became less crowded.  The mother held her son’s hand and asked him to move to the back of the lift.  She whispered, “move back, if not the auntie will asked you to be the “door holder man” again”.  Was she referring to me ???

The lift reached the top level.  I being the nearest to the button pressed the “DO” button and suddenly I felt a gush of winds passing by. Oops … was everyone late for his appointment? The mother and son suddenly had supernaturally power – they whom were right at the back became 3rd to exit the lift.  Within seconds, my duty was done and I stepped out of the lift feeling relief.

Parents thinking of teaching your kids to be graceful with their acts? Errr.. think again … I seriously suggest we teach by examples.

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