Gifted Education Programmes (GEP Programmes)

My 9 year old Genz Kid just took his GEP Selection Test.  In case you are wondering what is GEP Selection Test, it’s the Gifted Education Programme Selection Test by Ministry of Education in Singapore to identify those highly intelligent individuals when they are in Primary 3 so they could nurture these individuals to their fullest potential.

In order to sit for the GEP Selection Test, you need to be first sit for the GEP Screening Test (sometime in August).  About 4000 of those Primary 3 students would be selected to sit for the GEP Selection Test.  Of those 4000, about500 would be selected for the GEP Programmes.  These selected individuals would be given a choice to either continue with their current primary school education in their existing school or join the GEP Programmes in the GEP schools.   The GEP Programmes, from what I understand from friends who have children in the GEP Programmes, are more project and research based.  They do not rely so much on textbooks.                              

The selection is based on 3 papers, namely English, Mathematics and General Ability, spread into 2 days.  Genz Kid was unsettled before the tests; he asked what if he doesn’t know how to answer the questions.  I told him that as long as he has put in his best effort, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t make it to GEP Programmes. 

My friends asked me what preparation works have I done to prepare him for the test.  My answer is none. The revisions we have done so far were for the preparation of his SA2.

What do we expect from his GEP test?  Well, let’s put it this way.  Genz Kid is smart but I would not say he is highly intelligent so we do not have high expectation that he would make it to the GEP Programmes.  So if he makes it, he makes it.  If he doesn’t, life still goes on…. 

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  1. Adding to my point earlier, it is NOT stressful. You got to learn how to manage your time, and of course, filing, but other than that, it is mainly fun, something you WILL enjoy.

  2. I am from the GEP and I did not have any preparations for it either. It was purely a surprise for me when I received the message. 🙂 GEP is real fun, and your are exposed to a variety of knowledge you have never knew!

  3. Hi Purplecow, I think exam just over (hoooray…) so did your boy “shown interest” in his revisions till end of papers? I sincerely hope so …

  4. Hi Angie, I’m glad to read your post. Indeed, one of my friends told me that her friend’s kid who is in GEP programme is very stressed and unhappy after she joins the GEP programme. In that class, anything below 95 is consider as average. She cries a lot. My friend told me that the little girl mother is now wondering if she should pull her out from the GEP programme. I do not know the outcome but I hope that mother does pull her out. I think it’s just too much for that poor little girl to handle.

    Sure, any parents would feel proud when they told their friends that their kids are in GEP programmes. However before you make the decision, ask your child for her opinion and consider her personality and ability carefully before you make a decision. As for my genz kid, well he told me that he isn’t that keen with the programme, so like you, Angie, we don’t think we would put him in the programme even if he’s been selected.

    Oh… by the way, I do hear that some children do enjoy the programme. It really does depend on the child not the parents …

  5. What GenZ Mom said is true. My elder, Kellie went through the year GEP test as well. I think the results should be out soon. Being a Malaysian, English is my second language; I did not coach her at home. She and her younger sister, Kathy (P1) goes to before and after care (BACS). We did not do any additional revision, neither is the BACS.

    Kellie is a smart but very dreamy girl and we’re surprised that she tops her class last year. We told her to have fun, treat it as an experience. I also did not put much hope but my hubby said “you never know”. We think that even if she passed, we decided not to let her join the programme.

  6. At least your Genz kid felt unsettled before the selection, this shows that he cares … for me, i felt that i am the one doing all the revisions for all his exams, test … my boy is totally easy when come to his studies, he is smart but simply lazy

    but recently i did see that he starts to show some interest in his school work and i pray that this will last at least after the SA hahaha

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