Eczema & Home Remedy

Today, I would like to share with you a home remedy for eczema.  It’s a simple remedy that my mom taught me.  I used this remedy whenever my or my Genz Kids eczema flared up.  Well, it’s not a “sure cure” remedy but I do find that it helps to improve the condition and reduce itch.  It’s simple and worth a try ….

Things you need:

  • Packet of Chinese tea leaves (no particular brand, I brought mine for $0.20 per packet from provision shop)
  • Water
  • Cooking Pot


  • Boil a packet of Chinese tea leaves with 500 ml to 750 ml of water
  • Bring to boil and leave the water (with chinese tea leaves inside) overnight
  • Next night before sleep, soak the affected area in the water for around 5 to 10 minutes; use the tea leaves to gently rub the affected area
  • Pat dry the area and apply moisturizer (please use those moisturizer suitable for eczema skin condition such as QV, Cataphil, Physiogel, etc) before you sleep.

The frequency, well there’s no hard and fast rule, you can repeat this daily but for myself, I usually do it on alternate days.   

If your condition persists or does not improve, please see a doctor.

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