Delphin Vacuum Cleaner – to buy or not to buy?

As parents, I believe we consider our children’s health as one of the most important thing in this world.  My kids have sensitive nose and skin.  As such, when a salesman from Delphin told me that my children’s allergy could be due to dust mites and claimed that there vacuum cleaner can effectively remove dust mites from mattresses, pillow cases, soft toys, etc, He said, “seeing is believing.” So I told myself, why not just let him do the demo, there’s no obligations any way.  After the demo, I was shocked to see the dust in the water.  My gosh! My children have been sleeping on dirty mattresses all these while.

Delphin Vacuum Cleaner, a product from Germany, accordingly to him is the best vacuum cleaner in the world.   It does not use any filter bags (which Rainbow and rest of reputable brands are using), and uses only water and L-lamella (which accordingly to him is patented).  What’s more, it can be used as a purifier.   The only thing that deters me from buying this vacuum cleaner is the price. It costs around $3.5K.  Although this amount can be paid via a 3 years interest free instalment, I still find the price too steep.  

Anyone out there who has any comments on Delphin Vacuum Cleaner? Is it really that effective? Is it a good investment?  To buy or not to buy ?????

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  1. i owed a dolphin vacuum cleaner 3 years ago,my mom bought it for her house 10 years ago and has never change to a new set,we used it to vaum the floor,carpet,aircon,pillows etc…’s really good,i will strongly recommend it.

  2. Despite all e negative review, we felt it is worthy cos our gal is healthy n free from her allergic cough. My friend has a rainbow vacuum n it does helps with her allergy too. we cant expect too much also as some of the reviews are really not reasonable. pls stop complain singaporean!

  3. Brought Delphin air and room Cleaning servicing for $3745/- from sales rep. Dennis.Very unethical purchase in Dec 2016 till today did not deliver the free gifts.Never reply to SMS .Called the customer service very rude ,refuse to allow customer to speak to supervisor.After sale service is very poor.Free Cleaning services also did not honour.Dont be the next victim.
    Dear consumers , CASE has list this company under company alert list-alot of complains had been lodged in against their staff.

  4. Bought a Delphin Cleaner 3 years ago. A very expensive mistake. Tried to get it serviced two weeks ago and got it back on Friday 5/5/17 and it is still not working well.


  5. I’ve just bought a Delphin S8 (white) in Hong Kong. So far very happy with the performace of the machine as well as the follow-up service of the dealer. The level of dust at home has decreased immediately even after a short use. Hope it will last 10 years as some users stated.

  6. Delphin vacuum cleaners are nothing but a scam to trick gullible people into buying them. Do not fall for it.

  7. If anybody want to buy delphin do reconsider (and do not invite the sales people to your house, you will end up buying) It is not cheap and you can get similar ones in the market and cheaper. I regretted buying it. Its heavy and not easy to use hence its like a white elephant. Despite infrequent usage the switch spoilt and replacement is $22…sigh…

  8. Hi Guys,

    I just bought the Delphin vacuum on 13.06.2016 at SGD3200, wish to sell it at SGD2500. We will also be giving away the Delphin Tiles polisher for free(Brand new)

    Reason for selling:
    Hubby got an overseas project and we are leaving for good.
    How to use Delphin
    1. Vacuum the floor daily
    2. Vacuum the mattress to remove dustmite (twice a week)
    3. Clean the curtain
    4. Clean the wall and ceiling
    5. Use as a air purifier – add a few drops of essential oil is needed
    6. Easy to use (it comes with demo CD)

    I would like to let go at S$2500.00, please contact me at 92398732 if you’re keen. Used for less than a month. 10 Year Warranty.


  9. Do not by any cleaning system with water filtration. It encourage growth of bacteria and fungus.
    Machine comes with long hose have a suction loss.
    Do research for direct suction with beating action , with tremendous air flow
    with good filtration material something like N95 we all used to cover our nose during SARS

  10. The Guy who came to my house was the Sales Manager , Jaya. Quite a Decent looking guy and he spoke very good English. Only later I found out he is a Malaysian n hold a MBA.

    His,Demo n explanation was good.

    And Guess what… I bought the delphin vacum cleaner!
    He give us a very good price with a bit of Manager discount. We sign up for the monthly installment.

    I feel it to be rather affordable actually. And you know what, it wasn’t me who wanted to get it.

    Jaya got my hubby convinced to help me with my house chores and to make it easy , he must have the machine ! Hehe

    My hubby agreed and we saw what it could do and how much it would be useful for me n my my family especially my children.

    We both bought. The entire process took less than an 1hour. Machine delivered to us in 15minutes.

    And my hubby , use it everyday to purify the air n regularly to clean our Bed.

  11. We were offered demonstration of Delphin Vacuum but found that the woman agent marketing tactics unacceptable. Halfway while she was telling us about the product, we asked her few times how much and she said each time “very expensive” like saying you can not afford’.
    Upon pressing for how much she said $8000 – $10,000 !
    We were thinking we could go to Germany and back to buy and probably it will
    come much cheaper than what she quoted.

    We felt that she did not really want to say how much, probably feeling that
    we could not afford or will not buy anyway.
    Then she started telling us how dirty our place, and started eyeing everything and air all sort of complains so much so that reasons why we really need to buy.
    We asked for brochures so we could review and probably consider but arrogantly
    she said : “I am the brochure” you can ask me what you want

    At the end, probably with no choice she flipped over her brochures the real cost for
    around $3,000+ she did it so fast that we could not even read much.
    We offered to return the ‘free gift’ but she refused.

    You don’t want to invited these kind of people to act like they are
    Inspector and have the right to lecture you about how you manage your life.
    There is always a thin line between being prudent and respect.

    The product (might) be good but spoilt by the Marketing etiquettes – or no etiquettes at all.
    Will you buy? hell NO – then the more you read about other feedback
    about their after sales, you end up just buying a full pledge headache

  12. As per my experience I don’t see they are customer friendly and they don’t have return policy. So you need to keep in mind before buying it because you will end up loosing all the money you paid if you change your mind. Visit these links before you plan to buy one:

  13. LOLLLL. i know many good comment are written by their own employee. thats China lady boss styleeeeee. cheers mate

  14. Hi all, i am interested to get either rainbow or delphine. May i know how does it work? We don’t have to sweep and mop after using it? Can it clean up the grease? We don’t need to put floor cleaner or anything?

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