Say “I Love You” …

I was deeply saddened by the sudden news that my girlfriend, who was only 40 years old, passed away recently. There was never a sign of illness and her death due to cancer caught me by surprise. She was a wonderful person and left behind her, her husband and her beloved daughter. Her sudden departure makes me realized that life is so fragile. Indeed, who would know what will happen in the next minute, so to all those people out there, please cherish those around you while you can…. We never know “What’s Next!”

Life is so unpredictable, don’t you think so

You will never know what will happen tomorrow

Cherish your love ones while you can

For you will never know when they will leave you to be with the God

Say “I Love You” to those you love

It’s never a shy thing to do

Stop thoes cold wars and make peace with your love ones

Don’t wait till it’s too late to say “I’m sorry”

So to all my dearest out there

I love you …..

Andrew Matthews – Wisdom of Words

I enjoyed the talk by Andrew Matthews during the recent Singapore Education Summit 2010.  In case you wondered who he is.  He is the international cartoonist, speaker & best-selling author of motivational and personal development books such as “Happiness Now”, “Follow Your Heart”.

This is what I’ve shared with my Genz Kid:

You can choose to be happy or misery.  Misery is a choice.  

 I took the opportunity to teach my Genz Kid that life is never fair.  You can choice to happy with what you have or misery with what you don’t have.  MISERY is a choice!

You are happier when you accomplished something. 

I asked my Genz Kid whether he felt good after obtaining good results for his mid year results, knowing that he had tried his best and put in his best effort.  He said yes!

Life is a circle of continuous challenges.  

My Genz Kid was bothered that his friend was not finding time to do the project they were supposed to complete during the June school holiday.  I told him that a person grows up when they faces challenges in life.  It’s when you know how to overcome these challenges that you find yourself wiser.  When you thought you have overcome one challenge, before you could rest your feet, you find yourself facing another challenge and this will go on and on ….  AND again, you can choice to face these challenges positively with an open heart or miserably.

Ability + Attitude + Strategy = SUCCESS

I told my Genz Kid that a person could be very smart, but without the right attitude and strategy, he can never be successful.  He may not be the smartest person in his class but if he learn from the mistakes and take failure positively, and with the right strategy, he will be successful.

Fun is when you are involved and participated, not watch

I asked my Genz Kid which is more fun, to watch your friend playing a scoccer game or you participate in the game.  He told me “PARTICIPATE”.  Yes, participate even if you are not the best in the game or even you have lost the game.  The more important thing is you have fun and enjoyed the game!

That’s all I have to share today.  If you have not read his book, I would urge you to read one.  I believe you will feel as enlighten as I do! 

And guess what, I’m going to get his “Being a Happy Tenn” for my Genz Kid.  Although he is not a teenage yet, I believe he will benefit a lot from the book.

Official website :

Also on facebook

And this is from Andrew’s “Happiness Now”…. ENJOY!


Learn to Ride a Bicycle

I have been wanting to teach my Genz Kid how to ride a bicycle but never succeed as he was too afraid to ride one without the training wheel. 

Last Sunday, we brought him a bicycle (with training wheels) as an early birthday present for him.  He was thrilled and was having fun with his new “toy” until yesterday, a few aunties laughed at him when they saw him riding the bicycle with training wheels.  He was embarrassed and felt a bit down.  I told him it was okay and the next time if someone makes fun of him because that, just tell them that you will remove the training wheel when you are ready. 

I recalled how I learnt to ride a bicycle when I was young.  In fact, my brothers & I were “trained” to ride a two-wheels bicycle when we were about 5 years old.  I remembered our parents just told us to get on the bikes, then they would push us for a short distance, let go their hands and off we go…  we fell down, cried a bit and then get up and try again ….  

Today, I done some research on the internet and found some useful information on “teaching your kids to ride a bicycle”.    I was surprised to note that our old way of learning to ride a bicycle is difficult and dangerous.  The more “friendly” way is to remove the paddle or put the paddle down a little so that your feet can touch the ground.   Let them go down a gentle slope….  Eventually, with practice, they will still learn how to ride a two-wheels bike but I think we should try to let the learning journey be as pleasant as possible.

Reading materials:

Experience is making me a better parent

Affirmation To Be A Better Parent

Although I read many books in preparation for becoming a parent, experience is making me a better parent every day. The book of reality is my greatest teacher. I embrace my life lessons with humility.

Every day, I am gaining knowledge from the mistakes I make. Sometimes, things turn out differently than I hoped. I learn from those moments and apply their lessons to my future behavior.

I am humble enough to apologize to my children when I react in a manner that is inappropriate. My children are discovering that, although I am not perfect, I am someone worth imitating.

As the kids get older, I look back with clarity and see areas that I can strengthen. I offer my advice to younger parents who seek it. Sharing my experiences with others saves them from making the same mistakes I made.

Over time, I am becoming slower to anger and quicker to forgive. I have such a powerful inner sense of peace that I am able to overlook offenses, exercising patience with others.

I am learning that time goes by so fast that I must hold on to every moment I can. I live in the moment and enjoy my children just the way they are.

With experience comes the clarity to distinguish those things that are worth dwelling over and those which are best forgotten. Experience increases my ability to take life in stride without allowing anything to steal my joy.

Today, I choose to embrace the lessons that life teaches me and apply them to my future behavior.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What lesson have I learned from my children lately?
2. Am I slow to anger and quick to forgive?
3. How can I turn mistakes into powerful lessons?

Newspaper at your Fingertip

This is brilliant!

Want to know what’s happening in the world? Well, here’s a useful link to the newspapers in the world.  You name it, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, they have it!

Just click on the country / city you wish to read the newspaper on and the newspaper headlines would pop out.

Now you can know what’s happening in other parts of the world at your fingertip.  Enjoy reading !

9 Ways to Forge Loving Ties That Last a Lifetime in Your Children

Children have an amazing capacity to learn. They’re like sponges in the early years and they easily form memories that are cherished for a lifetime.

There are many things you can do in order to build loving ties that last. It’s a great way to teach your children trust and companionship. When you foster a positive relationship with your kids, it’ll be far more likely that they’ll continue to build happy and healthy relationships in the future.

Here are some ways to forge loving ties with your children:

1. Show your gratitude. You may feel gratitude for your children at every moment, but it’s what you project to them that matters. Make sure you verbally and physically show them gratitude. When you do, the message will come across clearly that you care.

2. Exemplify respect. Respect your children, just as you ask them to respect you. They’ll appreciate the saying, “treat people the way you’d like to be treated,” if it’s something that you practice as well.

3. Love them unconditionally. There will certainly be times when your children disappoint or anger you, but make it clear to them that you still love them even when you’re upset with their actions. It doesn’t mean you condone their behavior, but it does mean that you love them no matter what!

4. Make time for them. You’ll build stronger ties when you make time for your children and make an effort to participate in their interests. Ask them what they’d like to do and get involved in their life. This is a great way to enjoy some bonding time with your kids.

5. Encourage them. When your children face a challenge, it’s an opportunity for you to step up and help. Be there to nudge them in the right direction without being too pushy. Give them words of encouragement and let them know how much you believe in their abilities.

6. Help them build confidence and independence. Tell your kids that they can accomplish anything with a positive mindset. Encourage independence in your children so they can remain confident even in situations where you’re not around to help out.

7. Listen. Listen to your kids. They have many important lessons, ideas, and stories to share! When they know that you’re truly listening to them, they also know that you care and love them.

8. Make dinner together. Having meals together as a family is important because many times that’s the only time of day where everyone can be together. Instead of being silent or making small talk, use the opportunity to share love and support. Later in life, your children will remember these wonderful family dinners.

9. Schedule family time. Establish regular opportunities dedicated to building memories with your family. Let each family member choose an activity to enjoy together. Laughing and having fun together will help to build ties that last forever.

When you use these tips to show your family how much you care, the feelings are more likely to become mutual. Spend one on one time with each member of your family and get involved in each other’s lives to connect on a deeper level. It’s those moments of sharing that will last a lifetime!

The Career Mom – How to Balance Your Career and Home Life

In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more difficult to live off of one income. This means that oftentimes moms have few options when it comes to the decision of whether or not to work while raising children.

If you’ve decided to keep up with your career, whether through choice or necessity, you’ll be busy, but you can certainly make it work. You’ll be rewarded in the end because you won’t have to worry about re-entry into the workforce once the kids are older, and you may opt to continue building your own 401K for retirement purposes.

Scheduling and Planning

When you ask most working moms about how they do it, you’ll often hear about their particular scheduling and planning habits. It’s important to work out a set schedule that works for you personally.

Consider the following working mom tips:

1. Plan your mornings. If you’re not a morning person, try completing some of your morning tasks the evening before. Set aside enough time to get the kids up and dressed if they’re not old enough to do it themselves. If you can, enjoy a meal together as a family before the day’s commitments.

2. Schedule events. Schedule your after work activities in a planner. This will ensure that there’s room for everything and that nothing important is forgotten along the way. Play dates, grocery shopping, and other errands can be scheduled as well.

3. Be flexible. Remember that everything won’t always go perfectly. If something doesn’t work out and you need to rearrange your schedule, just plan to do something on a different day. Since you’re juggling many tasks at once, keeping your schedule flexible is a must for keeping your stress levels down.

Staying Involved

One of the top worries of working moms is the fact that they feel like they’re not as involved. However, if you concentrate on spending the time you do have with your little ones in a quality way, you’ll still be heavily involved in their lives. Just because you aren’t there every minute, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t making a big difference in their lives.

When you arrive home from work, do something with your children that you’ll all enjoy. Maybe they’ll want some alone time to play independently, but you can also stay involved by showing that you care. You’ll have quality time with them at meals, and you can always engage them in family games or other activities.

Taking Breaks

It’s vital that you remember to schedule some breaks. If you need a “spa day” every once in awhile, it’s certainly something that you deserve. Sometimes you’ll feel that you spend every waking moment either at work or worrying about the children, so take some time to unwind. Read a book after the kids have gone to bed, work on your relationship with your spouse, or engage in something you find relaxing.

Your Relationships

Spend individual time with each member of your family. Be sure to remember your partner during life’s crazy times and give that relationship some much-needed nourishment as well. Individual attention will help you get to know your kids better, and you’ll have time to truly build upon your lasting relationship.

A career mom is a truly special person. Sure, life can get really hectic at times, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to strike a happy balance between your career and your life at home.

Homemade Ice Cream, anyone?

My colleagues are crazy over homemade ice-cream these days.  It  was to the extent that they attended the workshop organised by the trainer.   I was told that the essential item you need to have is an ice-cream maker machine which costs around $88 and with that, you can make yummy and delicious ice-cream, sorbet, yogurt and gelato. 

To tempt you more,  I was told that the ice cream was so good that it is equivalent to those you eat at Hagan Das or Island Creamery, and best of all at an “affordable” price. 

Here is a recipe of lemon & cream ice cream recipe from the website (www.


  • 1 egg
  • 65 g castor sugar
  • 120 g milk
  • 230 g cream (35% fat)
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 35g lemon juice


  1. Whisk the egg and sugar until thickened.
  2. Add cream and milk to the egg mixture and simmer over double boiler.
  3. Bring mixture to approx 85 deg C or until mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.
  4. Before plunging the hot mixture into an iced water bath, stir in fresh lemon zest and let stand the cooled mixture in the refrigerator for a further 2-4 hours.
  5. Add in the lemon juice into the chilled mixture.
  6. Churn the combined mixture in the Venetto Ice Cream maker until firm and spoon the ice cream in a container to let in set the freezer for a further 4 hours or overnight.

Happy Ice cream making ! Oh yes, before I forget, my colleagues said that their children’s friends were so amazed by them whipping out those yummy ice-cream that they are so “famous” amongst the kids’ friends now and their kids are so…. PROUD of them 😉  A good way of bonding with your kids? Maybe!



Affirmation – I am who I want my children to become

Every day, I live my life aware that I am who my children will become. My actions, reactions, and values are being imprinted on my children. It is my responsibility to conduct myself in such a way that will be worthy of their imitation.

I work hard to be the person I want my children to become because I am the most important influence in my children’s lives.

I share my life openly with my family so my children can learn from my experiences. Carrying myself with integrity enables my children to see that I am the same regardless of the situation.

My children will be generous with others because I model selfless giving. Each time I offer a helping hand or a listening ear to a person in need, the experience is etched into my children’s memories. I actively engage my children in acts of kindness.

The disciplined lifestyle that I implement in my life also benefits my children. The addictions that I have overcome, as well as the healthy habits I have begun, will produce a better future for my family.

My reward for my diligence in improving myself is the knowledge that my children will not have to struggle as hard as I have, because I am setting them up for success.

Today, I am proud of who I am. I work hard to become someone worthy of my children’s admiration. I am confident that my children will benefit from following my footsteps.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my vision for my children’s future?
2. What values are my children learning from my behavior?
3. How can I improve my actions so my children can follow my footsteps?

A short account – Distant Family Member

A new addition to our family tree – my little nephew was born in mid December and just returned back to Thailand yesterday after a 2 weeks stay with my parents.  I got to see him twice over the Saturdays while he was here.  He is a very cute little boy and am starting to feel sad just thinking that I won’t be seeing him this coming Saturday and not sure when will he be back again for “holiday”.

This little nephew of mine was a darling, who hardly fusses even when he is wet, hungry or tired.  I recalled that he was having constipation one Saturday and while trying to get his poos out, he didn’t cry out loud like most babies would, he just shed his tears quietly.  He has really big eyes and would start at you when you talk to him.   He is so adorable that even my 3 years old girl loves talking to him.  I told her last night that her little brother has went back to Thailand and we won’t be seeing him this Saturday when we go to her “po po” house, she looked sad and kept asking me “why?”. 

We miss him (especially my parents who get to see him everyday for that 2 weeks) and if you have family members who stay overseas and comes back to Singapore only a few times a year, you would comprehend how we feel…

So till we see him again (which I bet he would look very different then), we could only affectionately remember him as how he looks like now!