Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert

Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert was a series of mathematics books I had bought on impulse 9 years ago when my genzkid was 5 years old.

I was approached by a sales representative at the road show who started telling me how good this series was.

As a first time mom then, I just wanted to get the best for my then 5 years old genzkid and persuaded by her on the great advantages my genzkid would gain (e.g. how he would grasp maths skills at a young age after using the series, how mother would always want the best for their kids and how my genzkid would thank me for doing what’s the best for him when he grew up) if I had this series of mathematics books complete with accessories, and not forgetting that she promised that she will make a trip to my house to teach my genzkid how to use the books and the accessories, I ended up paying near $1k for
Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert.

I waited for days and the sales rep never called for arrangement to my house which she promised she would. I called the company and request for a demo, I was told no such service was provided. I tried to use the set with my genzkid then but he was not keen so I gave up. “Never mind, I can keep this for my 2nd child.” I tried to comfort myself. And yes, I had my 2nd genzkid and today she is 7 years old and sadly, my Time Life – Learning Maths with Albert series are still as good as new save for the accessories which my 2nd genzkid played with.

You may ask, it was so many years ago and you remembered the incident so clearly? Yes I did because I totally regretted my action – acting on impulse and buy something which if I had thought twice, I would not have buy.

Today, do I still buy things on impulse? Unfortunately I still do occasionally especially if the stuff are for my kids but I think I have improved. At least I am deferring my desire to purchase the Osim massage chair and an chinese educational device which sales rep claimed my 2nd genzkid would pass her chinese with flying colors …..

What will your children remember?

Remember to spend more time with your kids.

“What will your children remember? Moments spent listening, talking, playing and sharing together may be the most important times of all.” – Gloria Gaither

“Memories, important yesterdays, were once todays. Treasure and notice today.” – Gloria Gaither

Victoria Soto

How many of us would actually sacrifice our own lives for the others. Victoria Soto did that without 2nd thought. She saved the lives of her young students and died under the brutual gunshot of the killer. My eyes were watery when I read the news. She was a hero and she has my utmost respect. RIP our hero – Miss Victoria Soto.


Thanks to Genzkid, I love CN Blue….


I get to know CN Blue because of Jung Yong Hwa.  He was Kang Shin Woo in a popular K idol-drama then – You’re Beautiful.    I was mesmerized by his cool yet caring character in the drama.  That’s when I found out he is the leader, the main guitarist  and vocalist of boy band CN Blue.  Okay, I wasn’t a k fan then so this is it until one day, my genzkid asked me if I know CN Blue and I said ya. He continued if I know the song “I am a loner”.    Trying to be “in” and have a common topic with him, I started googling news on CN Blue.   That’s when I started my new love …. CN Blue – and all thanks to my genzkid.

What do I have to say about these boys …. Well, I think they are hardworking, energetic,  humble, fun loving and of course … cute and handsome !  It is a joy watching them.   They never failed to have fun when they are together.  They never failed to shown their support for their other members when either of them appeared in dramas.

Have you watched Heartstrings ? That’s when I realized that Kang Min Hyuk, the drummer, is not only good at his drums…  oh boy, he can sing too!  You should listen to his “Star”.    Btw, he is my genzkid’s bias because of the way he plays his drum …COOL is the word he used to describe Min Hyuk.

Okie, Yong Hwa never disappoints me in Heartstrings…  Not so much the acting (though i must admit i love watching him on screen) but more his songs … If you love Yong Hwa, you should read Klaritia’s blog.  I read her blog by chance and yes, I am certain she  is a huge fan of Yong Hwa. (http://klaritia.wordpress.com/)

Lee Jung Shin is the rapper and bassist.  I noticed him because he is the tallest in the group.  He is also the shyest in my opinion.  I like to see his cute shy smile.    He is currently in drama series – My Daughter Seo Young.  Watch the drama if you like his cuteness.

Lastly, my bias –  Lee Jong Hyun, the lead guitarist and vocalist.  Between Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun, I prefer Jong Hyun’s voice (sorry Klaritia).   It is so deep and soothing.  Oh..  did I mention that I love his dimples and when he smiles, his eyes brighten up instantly .  Catch him on A Gentleman’s Dignity and his solo – My Love is really good.  Go to you tube and listen to his version of I’m Yours (Jason Marz)  – thumbs up!

And thanks to my genzkid, I am more a CN Blue fan than he is now….

DSA Admission Exercise 2012

This June school holiday is no fun because my 12 years old genz kid will be sitting for his  PSLE  end September this year.  He is very busy …. busier than me with days packed with school supplementary lessons, revisions, homeworks, etc.

After his SA1 results was out in mid May, the school had a Meet the Parent Session (“MTP”).   His form class teacher feedbacked during that session that  my genzkid has commented he wanted to go to a good secondary school.  When asked what  is his definition of a “good secondary school”, he couldn’t answer that question. So my first mission after the MTP was to sit down with him and set out his goal; define his definition of “good secondary school”.

The outcome –  he was aiming to get into Dunman High School or Victoria School – both IP schools in Singapore.   Coincidentally these two schools were having open house to attract students for their DSA admission exercise that weekend; hence we decided to visit the two schools to find out more about what they are offering.

That Saturday, our first stop was Victoria School; followed with Dunman High School.   Victoria School is a “all boys” school.   Both schools look impressive and students are well mannered (IP schools – what do you expect rite !)

At Dunman High School, we managed to catch the principal speech and to our surprise, my genz kid was actually qualified for the DSA Admission Exercise via the academic results route. According to the principal, the school was offering 410 seats for 2013 intake and half of the seats will go to DSA Admission Exercise.   Ratio was 1 out of 5 applicants will get a seat via this exercise.   My genz kids’ jaw immediately dropped as that would mean there will only be 205 seats available based on PSLE results. Sensing his uneasiness, I told him to just try his best for PSLE and works towards getting the results that would get him into the school (i.e. a minimum aggregate score of 260 – easier said than done rite !).

That afternoon, we met a relative whose genz kid will also be taking PSLE this year and applying for 3 schools via DSA Admission Exercise – CCA.   She encouraged my genz kid to do the same since he is qualified and the belief is it would be easier to get into your dream school via DSA Admission Exercise than relying on PSLE results.    That evening, my genz kid told me that he would like to give it a try – i.e DSA for DunmanHigh School.   I explained to him the whole exercise could possibly take months and he would need to sit for test, go for interview on top of  preparing for his prelims and PSLE.  This could lead to lots of stress. We discussed and after due deliberation, we decided to give this a miss and just concentrate in preparation for the exams.

Aftermath thoughts – Kids go to school today to enjoy learning or compete with each other to get into niche schools. Seriously, I don’t recall myself studying that hard for PSLE when I was just 12….    Educators always advocate that we should study for knowledge not results!  However, in this society, can we really study for knowledge and not results?

DSA Admission Info: http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/admissions/dsa-sec/

List of IP Schools in Singapore: http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/programmes/gifted-education-programme/integrated-programmes/


Kpops, K songs, K drama – anyone?

Ask me about CN Blue, Super Junior, Lee Min Ho,  … I can have endless chat with you.

Talk to me about k drama – City Hunter, Heartstrings, Secret Garden … I can do a quick recap of the story for you immediately.

Need help which web to visit for the latest kpop news? Ask me – I have a few links in my favourite.

K songs? No problem …. Love Girl, Mr Simple, You Are So Beautiful, JoJo, Gee .. Just to name a few … Need the lyrics? Sure !

Amazing hah… Well, thanks to my 11 year-old Genzkid who is so ” in” to those k dramas, k songs and kpop that I have to keep myself up to-date so I can have common topic with him. Guess what, I am now so into these that I am enjoying myself too. Now, I’m even considering having my own k blog!

But most importantly, I am my Genzkid’s idol cos his mom is so “hip”!

Anyone out there like me to introduce some nice k drama?????

Graceful Society – Teach by Examples

You were about to get into the lift, the door closed and the people inside just stared at you. It was like they were telling you, “too bad, you are too slow.”. Okay, you waited for the next lift and the lobby was soon crowded with people. The lift finally reached the ground level, zoom… people started rushing in.  The door was about to close before you managed to squeeze in. Phew … You looked around and realized that people were giving you dirty stare. “Why?” You wondered innocently.

The lift reached 4th level and those behind tried to squeeze through you. You gracefully moved aside and looked at the little boy standing in front of you – he didn’t press the “DO” button.  “Maybe he forgot” you thought.  “Would you mind holding on to the “DO” button?” you asked. Blank stare from the little boy, filthy stare from his mother standing next to him.  Most unwilling, the mother stretched out her hand and pressed the button. What’s wrong with my request?

Finally, the lift became less crowded.  The mother held her son’s hand and asked him to move to the back of the lift.  She whispered, “move back, if not the auntie will asked you to be the “door holder man” again”.  Was she referring to me ???

The lift reached the top level.  I being the nearest to the button pressed the “DO” button and suddenly I felt a gush of winds passing by. Oops … was everyone late for his appointment? The mother and son suddenly had supernaturally power – they whom were right at the back became 3rd to exit the lift.  Within seconds, my duty was done and I stepped out of the lift feeling relief.

Parents thinking of teaching your kids to be graceful with their acts? Errr.. think again … I seriously suggest we teach by examples.

Moral Education

What had happened to the world today? The recent stabbing case, causing the death of a 19 year old Polytechnic student, by 4 youngsters (students & NS men) between the age of 19 and 21 at Downtown East, shocked me. Why are the youngsters so violent these days? Have they thought of the consequences when they did the act?

Two years later, my Z generation son would be officially be “classified” as a teenager and it naturally worried me as a mom, wondering whether he would be leading the right path.

He is following the news on this matter closely and we talked about it. I told him that the whole incident saddened me. For the boy who had died, their parents would be devastated. He was their only son! For the 4 suspects, they are at their prime age and I believe their parents are heartbroken and worried for their children. Which parents wouldn’t?

I wondered what would happen to the 4 suspects? Even if they are not facing the death penalty, they would be in jail. What would become of them after they are released from jail? Who should be responsible for this unfortunate incident? The society, the parents, the teachers or the kids themselves ?????

This incident keeps me pondering. Indeed, academic education is important; however moral education is important too. How we teach our children affect how they behave when they grow up. It would be too difficult to impart them with the right moral education when they reach their “teenage hood”, hence, it’s important for us, as a society, parents and teachers, to cultivate them with the right moral education when they are young.

The Z generation’s future are in our hand and let’s work together to ensure they grow up in the righteous way.

Article : Three men charged for Downtown East murder http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/11/03/three-men-charged-for-downtown-east-murder/

Myopia Control – The Atropine Eye Drops Therapy

Myopia is getting more and common nowadays.  The eyes of the Z generation are always “working” – reading, watching TV, playing games.  The only time they rest, I suppose, would be when the kids are sleeping.

As such, it is not uncommon to see children (even toddlers) wearing spectacles today.  My son, a typical Z generation, worn his first pair of spectacles when he was 5 and the power just won’t stop going up (like the stock market).

When he was 7, I started actively to look for ways to control his myopia. By chance, his pediatrician introduced me to an optometrist who specialist in myopia prevention and control management.   After detailed examination of his eyes, the optometrist recommended that I tried the Atropine Eye Drops Therapy.  This therapy is commonly used by optometrist safely to treat eye conditions such as lazy eyes and squints; but for use in myopia control, it is still something new in Singapore, I was told then.  

With the optometrist’s advice and after due considerations, we decided to give it a try.  Every night before he sleeps, a single drop of atropine eye drop is instilled in each of his eyes.  His myopia has since stabilized for the past 2 years.   He sees the optometrist half yearly for review and for replenishment of his eye drops.

So far, the only side effect I’ve observed is the glariness from the sun when he is having his outdoor activities.  The solution? I have the optometrist wrote me a letter for the school to allow him wear transition lenses. 

Of course, eye care is still the most important thing; and do consult an optometrist if you are concern with your child’s myopia.

For information:



Is My Child Gifted?

It is common for parents to wonder if their children are gifted. 

There’s this little boy, aged 4, from my girl’s school.  He can read books that are meant for Primary 4 student.  Is that little boy gifted? I think so.  However, does it mean that he is “gifted“ in everything? I don’t think so.

I believe that all kids are special in their own way.  Even children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia could be “gifted” in their own way.  I know of a little girl who is dyslexic.  She is academically slow but extremely talented in photography.  When she takes photographs, she took them in a very “special” way.  For example, she would take a close snap of the checkers on the handbag instead of the hand bag itself.  The snap was so sharp that you can see even the finest details of the checkers. Is she talented? Yes, I think so too.

Kids may have different talents.  Some children are gifted in music, some in arts and some in sports.  It is important for us, as parents, to encourage them and help them develop these talents. Parents must realize that not all gifted children have the ability to do well academically. One child may show his giftedness in his study while the other might show his in performing arts and music.  

By the way, do you know that Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read?   So next time before you ponder if your child is gifted, remember not to limit yourself in the academic way, your child might have hidden talent you have yet discovered 😉

Reading on Dyslexia:


Reading on Theory of Multiple Intelligences: