Sex Education – when?

Sex Education, when is the right age to start?

I was caught by surprise and didn’t know what to do when my 9 year old Genz Kid asked me a few “sex” related questions recently.   

While walking to a bus stop, we saw two teenage girls hugging and kissing each other lips to lips in public and my Genz Kid asked, “Mummy, what are they doing? Why do they kiss each other?” I was like “Errr…” and then speechless.  I really do not know how to answer himIf you do, please let me know.

On another occasion, the mobile TV on a public bus we were travelling was showing a drama series.  In the show, a man has AIDS and there he goes again, “what is AIDS and how does he get infected with it? Will I get AIDS too? Is it like H1N1?”   I am speechless. Am I suppose to tell him that one of the main reason people get HIV virus is when they have sex with an infected person so it’s safer if one only have one sex partner?  If I do, I bet the next question from him would be “what is sex?”  ….  To save me from the awkward situation, it was our stop soon and I told him, “time to get down the bus.”  He didn’t prompt further after we alighted from the bus so I go “PHEW”! 

Now I’m seriously thinking whether we should teach our kids what sex education is about.  However, even if we do, how should we start and when is the right time?     

Oh yes, before I forget, there is something I think all parents should talk to their children on, i.e. certain body parts of ours are private and shouldn’t be touch by others.  For boys, its penis and for girls, they are breast and virgina.   I remembered this incident when Genz Kid was in K1, his school principal told me that one of the K1 students like to caress a female teacher’s breast.  It was an innocent act of course, but the female teacher was quite embarrassed by the act.   The principal then told all parents to cultivate the ideas to their children that certain parts of the body are private and shouldn’t be touched by others, which include children.

News articles on sex education:

A good resource article for your pleasure reading:

Raising Kids On The Internet For Concerned Parents

Recently, GenZ Mum asked me if she should stop her kids from accessing the internet for fear about bad influence.

Personally I feel that kids should be allow to access to the internet as it is a great for for them to learn. As parent, we should eudcate them on what can or cannot they do when they are online.

As a IT guy, I know ways to block kids from accessing “unwanted” material. I might write a guide and post it here when I find the time to do so. However, do note that it will not be 100% fool proof 🙂

If piracy is not a concern between you and your kids, there are ways to track down their activities as way. So parents, do your parts to monitor and keep your little one online.

Bellow are some free resources I have found when researching for such topics.

Here is a video about Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online – Living Digital CEO Robin Raskin on how to protect your child from social-network outrage.

“Social networking has all the rage among teenagers even preteens but how can you make sure that what your kids are doing online doesn’t turn into outrage. Robin raskin knows if she is the founder of living in digital times and she’s joining us — tech Tuesday was — do’s and don’ts to keep the kids safe. On my any personal experiences with — this.”

Click here to access the video

Here is a guide on “Raising Kids On The Internet

This guidebook, “Raising Kids On The Internet,” is presented to parents of all backgrounds or experience, whether you are just getting familiar with the internet yourself, or you are a long-time internet surfer. Even experienced internet users have been found to be unfamiliar with many of the facts and issues regarding effective monitoring of children in online activities