A mother’s feeling – My Son has Grown Up

Do you have this sudden feeling that your child has grown up …

Well, I do.  Recently my child went for a school trip to Malaysia and he was all so excited.  He packed his own bag on items he needed to bring, did a checklist of things he needed to do during the trip and went to bed early the night before and set his alarm clock to ring at 5.15 am so that he won’t oversleep and be late for the “big” day.   All so impromptu without any tinker from the parents.

I recalled a week before the “big” day, I jokingly asked if I could go with him, promised that I would stay a distance away from him, just to make sure he’s okay and not mantle into “business” he needs to do.  It’s a firm “No, no parents are allowed!”.  When I teased him that I would be tagging along after all as a parent volunteer, he gave me that “oh no, you are not!” look.  It’s kinda of funny but suddenly, I felt that my little boy who used to like to do everything with mummy has grown up. 

Well, we still do things together – sports, WII, watch TV, read but soon (and I mean real soon), he would start to prefer to do all these with his friends and very soon, I would start missing my little boy, the Mommy’s Boy.