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I enjoyed the talk by Andrew Matthews during the recent Singapore Education Summit 2010.  In case you wondered who he is.  He is the international cartoonist, speaker & best-selling author of motivational and personal development books such as “Happiness Now”, “Follow Your Heart”.

This is what I’ve shared with my Genz Kid:

You can choose to be happy or misery.  Misery is a choice.  

 I took the opportunity to teach my Genz Kid that life is never fair.  You can choice to happy with what you have or misery with what you don’t have.  MISERY is a choice!

You are happier when you accomplished something. 

I asked my Genz Kid whether he felt good after obtaining good results for his mid year results, knowing that he had tried his best and put in his best effort.  He said yes!

Life is a circle of continuous challenges.  

My Genz Kid was bothered that his friend was not finding time to do the project they were supposed to complete during the June school holiday.  I told him that a person grows up when they faces challenges in life.  It’s when you know how to overcome these challenges that you find yourself wiser.  When you thought you have overcome one challenge, before you could rest your feet, you find yourself facing another challenge and this will go on and on ….  AND again, you can choice to face these challenges positively with an open heart or miserably.

Ability + Attitude + Strategy = SUCCESS

I told my Genz Kid that a person could be very smart, but without the right attitude and strategy, he can never be successful.  He may not be the smartest person in his class but if he learn from the mistakes and take failure positively, and with the right strategy, he will be successful.

Fun is when you are involved and participated, not watch

I asked my Genz Kid which is more fun, to watch your friend playing a scoccer game or you participate in the game.  He told me “PARTICIPATE”.  Yes, participate even if you are not the best in the game or even you have lost the game.  The more important thing is you have fun and enjoyed the game!

That’s all I have to share today.  If you have not read his book, I would urge you to read one.  I believe you will feel as enlighten as I do! 

And guess what, I’m going to get his “Being a Happy Tenn” for my Genz Kid.  Although he is not a teenage yet, I believe he will benefit a lot from the book.

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And this is from Andrew’s “Happiness Now”…. ENJOY!


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