A short account – Distant Family Member

A new addition to our family tree – my little nephew was born in mid December and just returned back to Thailand yesterday after a 2 weeks stay with my parents.  I got to see him twice over the Saturdays while he was here.  He is a very cute little boy and am starting to feel sad just thinking that I won’t be seeing him this coming Saturday and not sure when will he be back again for “holiday”.

This little nephew of mine was a darling, who hardly fusses even when he is wet, hungry or tired.  I recalled that he was having constipation one Saturday and while trying to get his poos out, he didn’t cry out loud like most babies would, he just shed his tears quietly.  He has really big eyes and would start at you when you talk to him.   He is so adorable that even my 3 years old girl loves talking to him.  I told her last night that her little brother has went back to Thailand and we won’t be seeing him this Saturday when we go to her “po po” house, she looked sad and kept asking me “why?”. 

We miss him (especially my parents who get to see him everyday for that 2 weeks) and if you have family members who stay overseas and comes back to Singapore only a few times a year, you would comprehend how we feel…

So till we see him again (which I bet he would look very different then), we could only affectionately remember him as how he looks like now!

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